WORKSHOP : 'Self-Expression And The Creative Mindset'.


My aim is to leave you with something long-lasting. Pictures you feel are your own. The workshop is totally hands-on as I try to get to the heart of what will help you. Elements include :


• portfolio review

• personal targets

• sourcing themes 

• cultivating a creative attitude

• developing a personal language 

• heightening awareness

• effective composition


You have my word I'll put the same effort into your workshop as I do my own pictures. Delivered in English or French. 

Cost (Italy) : 


Full two day workshop - 300 euros

One day abridged workshop - 170 euros

Half-day refresher - 90 euros


If you're interested in a Milan workshop, contact me to arrange one. Alternatively, if enough photographers in another city or country are interested, we can discuss the possibility of me holding a workshop where you live.

Mentoring also available. 

Online workshopCovering most of the main aspects of my in-person workshop. Two half-day sessions - 170 euros.

Online open session. 50 euros per hour.

I try to keep prices as democratic as possible but know that for many of us times are tough. So if your  financial situation means the workshop prices are a genuine obstacle then let me know and maybe we can find a solution. 

Testimonials :

'I had done street photography workshops before including a full-day 'art' one but Stuart's workshop was considerably more challenging - and rewarding.  It pays to shoot with someone at the top of their game. You get a sense of the mindset, level of energy and commitment and the approach required to elevate your work from mere street photography to something richer and more significant.  Stuart's approach is grown up and earnest - he wants to reclaim the artistic and even political aspects of the genre in this age of social media when flummery and flippancy have become dominant. Feedback from Stuart is unsparingly honest and thorough, so you will leave with a clear set of points to improve upon'.   (I. Douglas, UK)

'Forget the 'Man vs Machine' thing. Stuart is the living proof of what they can accomplish when put to work as one. Looking through the camera's eye and down upon the chaotic complexities of mankind to create what could only be described as the work of a contemporary Caravaggio. An experience I will not forget since I already feel his matrix-like photographic algorithm creeping into my code. Over the course of the 2 day workshop Stuart left nothing to chance by giving portfolio reviews, on the streets coaching and by sharing his insights with the group on all the relevant aspects to have in mind when creating an unique photograph as well as on how one can develop a personal style and visual identity'.   (M. Martins, Portugal)

'I signed up for the workshop to learn something completely new. I came home a happier and better human being. It was all about photography but Stuart inspired me to look at life in a completely different way'.  (M. Spedicato, Italy)

'Although I have been living in Milan for 30 years, I realize I knew nothing of my city after seeing its amazing interpretation by Stuart Paton. I discovered how the fragments which make the mystery of the city were readily at hand and part of the chaos I had been trying to escape. Not 'noise' but layers. He provided me with a different emotional approach to reality - the 'Matrix'  mindset supported by technical guidelines and practice. It was kind of a dreamlike experience'. (V. Cammareri, Italy)

'Stuart gave me an insight into his thoughts on self-expression in photography, something I had never really considered. I would rate this as by far the most productive and rewarding workshop I have attended'. (B. Muir, UK)​


For bookings and enquiries :